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Dorsey's Run Haunted Trail Experience:

The story begins 50 years ago...

Jacob Dorsey, a small man, loved to make people laugh.  So much so, he became a clown. He was good at making music boxes. He was NOT very good at magic, although he tried.

Jacob, or Jack as his few friends called him, joined the Wigley Circus. So did Colleen, the girl that he loved.  But she only loved him for his big .... feet.

When she made fun of his magic tricks, he went insane and killed her and the rest of the people in his circus troup.

He was caught, and started serving time just a mile up the road from his house at the Jessup Prison.  During a inmate show where he was playing a magic clown, he disappeared.  All they ever found were clown shoes going down what is now known as Dorsey Run Road.

  Dozens of them.

...that was 50 years ago.

They say you can still hear his music box slowly cranking on cool nights...

Ever since then, people in the area have randomly gone missing.  Mostly hitch hikers and transients. Officials deny that it can still be Jacob Dorsey.   Even though whenever he abducted someone, he would throw one of the victim's shoes on the road where he captured and murdered them.  How many times to this day, do you go down a road and see one shoe on the side of the road.   Ever ask yourself  how and why a single shoe would end up on a road?   Why are there always police getting prisioners cleaning up roads?  What 'evidence' are they still trying to hide from the public?


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